Club Coach


Home Run Hitters International Club needs coaches to interact with players, encouraging them to use their independent skills to “bat”, “hit” and “score”. As a TEAM, coaches and players play games, earn badges, and win prizes. Coaching is done on a 1:1 basis. Time commitment is flexible. Games are designed to work in conjunction with the normal daily activities of both the players and the coaches.

Activities-¬†Arrange to meet with your player a minimum of nine days during the season for a two-minute game session Arrange to have someone count the “hits” Play the Home Run Hitter game (Note: All coaches will be trained to play the game according to the special rules.) Make sure games/”hits” and home runs have been recorded in the “Stats” book. Other activities- Participate with your player in one or more of the season events (see ‘Requirement’ section).

Requirements- The most important requirements are a commitment to consistency, to fun/enthusiastic interactions (positive affect) with your player and a growing appreciation for their independent skills. No coaching experience is required.

You must also:
Complete an application (See Forms Tab)
Pass a background check
Be available a minimum of two minutes on nine separate days to play the game
Choose one or more of the special season events to participate in with your player

Special Season Events: Pinning Ceremony, Sing-A-Rhyme-Along (a drama/musical performance), Royal Coronation and Dance, Playoffs and last but not least, our Sports Banquet. Players’ participation in some of these events is based on the coaches’ desire, availability and willingness to facilitate their involvement.

Time Commitment- All players are asked to complete at least nine games each season. Seasons last approximately six (6) months. Each game takes two minutes to play. Players may complete more games within the season if it can be coordinated with their coach. Only one game can be played per day.

Time commitments vary for the Season Events and will be reviewed at coaches training session.

Volunteers other than the coaches are also needed for additional activities that are done throughout the season. Check General Volunteer Information for a list of potential activities.