Home Run Hitters International

Current Campaign: Operating Funds Campaign

Due to increased demands for our programs, we need additional equipment and staff to meet the needs of the special community we serve. Our goal is to raise $363,202 for HRHI operating funds for Fiscal Years 2017 – 18.

Home Run Hitters International, Inc. (HRH) is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization whose goal is to provide increased opportunities and fun interactions for individuals who have disabilities affecting their communication and their independent control of the environment. Our extra-curricular activities are designed to highlight and celebrate each person’s abilities while practicing their prescribed method of communicating and interacting with friends.  The long-range result is the development of skills that allow for increased proficiency of interaction and communication. We currently offer four exciting options:

A Camp, A Club, A Community Service Event and An Interactive Respite


Camp M.I. Way has a double meaning. While it does indicate that the campers have multiple issues/impairments, it also refers to the freedom they have to interact with their counselors and the exciting camp environment in ways that are uniquely theirs.


The Home Run Hitters Club is designed to recognize and encourage the abilities of our players within the context of a baseball theme. Our Club meets for approximately six months each year (October – March).


Switch-a-thon, a community service charity event, allows students with limited interaction skills and limited opportunities to participate in and contribute to the community.

Away Weekends

Away Weekends are 12 hour days (Sat & Sun) where parents can drop the children with us from 8am to 8pm for a day of interacting with volunteers and exploring the community while parents relax and refresh!