Camp MI Way Volunteer Application

Camp MI Way Camp Counselor 2019

Training for Camp 1 (T.H. Rogers)
June 4-6 — 8:30am – 2:45pm
Camp with Campers: June 10-27, 8:00am to 2:45pm, Monday -Thursday

Fridays important for preparation, repair, team building. Need counselors but optional Camp 1

Training for Camp 2 (Caroline School)
May 25th — 8:30-2:45
May 26th — 12:30-4:30
June 21st –8:30-4:00
**Camp 2 with Campers: June 24th-27th; July 8th-11th 8:00 to 2:45. Friday 28th Workday Camp 2

  • April 5, 2019 - Application & Intent to Return Deadline Date for Rogers
    April 5, 2019 - Application & Intent to Return Deadline Date for Camp 2
  • References

    School age volunteers should list at least two core class references from their school
    Note: References not needed for Rogers' students

  • Guidelines

  • As a Camp MI Way counselor, I agree to the following guidelines for camp:
    • I will attend all days of training & orientation. (Required for all Camp Counselors).
    • I will sign in and out daily (8:00 am-2:45 pm).
    • I will remain at the campsite at all times unless otherwise directed by the camp directors.
    • I will wear the following items when I am at camp:
      • Nametag (provided)
      • Supply pack (provided)
      • Camp T-shirt (provided) with pants (at waist), Capri pants or modest length shorts and tennis shoes. Questions regarding dress code should be addressed to directors.
    1. I will give the campers my undivided attention!
    2. I will commit to work a minimum of 4 days per week for any or all three weeks.
    3. I will work cooperatively with other counselors.
    4. I commit to work on the following days: (Check all that apply)
  • By signing your name below you understand the above guidelines and agree to follow the rules to the best of your ability.

  • Parental Permission (Must be completed for all volunteers under the age of 18.)
    As a parent of a volunteer who is a minor, I understand the following information:
    • Transportation is not provided by the school district.
    • My child must bring a sack lunch daily.
    • Only registered volunteers may work at the camp. (i.e. no visitors)
    • My child must abide by the above stated guidelines.*
  • * Volunteers who have difficulty following the guidelines and camp rules (i.e. postponing personal pleasure for the purpose of focusing on those with special needs, respecting Directors and fellow counselors and campers, or demonstrating camp-style camaraderie) may be asked by Camp Directors to consider other summer volunteer programs in the city.

    ** Camp 2 Volunteers must have prior HRH, M.I.Way or Special Weekend experience & Available for May 25/26 Special Training and Orientation & June 21 Set Up. Camp 2 Volunteers can participate in Camp1 at T.H. Rogers. Contact Us if interested in helping with special campers at Caroline School or if there are any questions