What’s Unique About HRH

HOME RUN HITTERS: Teamwork, Sensory Stimulation & A Supportive Environment

Home Run Hitters Club, Camp M.I. Way and Switch-a-thon all promote teamwork and personal growth through community involvement and high interest activities. Sensory options that stimulate touch, taste, smell, sound, vision, movement and deep pressure are included in each activity and are used to encourage interaction with people and the world around.


The success of our programs (Home Run Hitters Club, Camp M.I. Way and Switch-a-Thon) is dependent on the involvement of others. People in the community and immediate environment are encouraged to join those with disabilities and grow together using progressive skill activities and games that lead to successful social interaction, communication and companionship. Volunteer opportunities are only limited by the imagination. Teamwork is developed as volunteers and the individuals with disabilities band together in fun and interesting events. As a result of this teamwork, those with disabilities and their volunteers discover mutual enjoyment while interacting.  And we can’t forget the competition!

Sensory Stimulation

Sensory activities are enjoyed today by people of every age. They are used for relaxation, enjoyment and stress relief to name just a few. All of the programs offered by Home Run Hitters International, Inc. include a variety of high interest, sensory-oriented activities. Air from fans, weighted bags and sand to feel; music, whistles, squeaking balloons and nature sounds to hear; lights, glowing bugs and a campfire to see are just some of the stimulating experiences that characterize our program !!

Supportive Environment

Home Run Hitters International, Inc. offers all participants, volunteers and their families exciting activities in a supportive environment. Our programs allow everyone, regardless of the severity of their disability, to become winners. Participants are given opportunities to choose to engage in areas of high interest and to share that interest with others. The potential for success and progress is possible for all and is related to each team’s level of commitment. We strive to consider the needs of the whole person. The dignity and value of the individual is the hallmark of our program. Each event esteems all participants by ensuring they have a supportive platform on which to develop and display their independent abilities. Success is noted and celebrated.