General Volunteer

Many volunteer opportunities exist within our office and the various activities we provide. They range in difficulty from cutting things out to entering data on the computer or making DVD’s and editing film. We frequently need people to take photos or video footage for us. Whatever skills or area of interest you have, we can put it to good use. Hours are flexible, whether you would like to volunteer for a single event or on a regular basis. Please complete the General Volunteer Application and Background Check* Form then send them to the address listed on the form.

Possible volunteer activities include:

Equipment inventory and maintenance
Assembly of various items
Designing background scenes
Decorating for events
Designing/creating Coronation attire
Taking pictures
Recording videos
Editing film
Transporting items to various locations
Preparing mail outs
Logging data

* If volunteering on a school campus, please sign up with their VIPS (Volunteers In Public Schools) office. They will run their own background check.