Home Run Hitters International, Inc. (HRH) believes:

Everyone has value.
Everyone needs relationships.
Relationships are built on and strengthened by interactions.
Everyone regardless of his abilities has potential/means to interact.
Increased opportunities for stress-free, fun interactions build skills.
(We understand that the state of health affects the interaction, relational process)

Home Run Hitters International, Inc. (HRH) adopts:

Communication Bill of Rights
All people with a disability of any extent or severity have a basic right to affect, through communication, the conditions of their existence. All people have the following specific communication rights in their daily interactions.


  • request desired objects, actions, events, and people
  • refuse undesired objects, actions, or events
  • express personal preferences and feelings
  • be offered choices and alternatives
  • reject offered choices
  • request and receive another person’s attention and interaction
  • ask for and receive information about changes in routine and environment
  • receive intervention to improve communication skills
  • receive a response to any communication, whether or not the responder can fulfill the request
  • have access to AAC (augmentative and alternative communication) and other
  • AT (assistive technology) services and devices at all times
  • have AAC and other AT devices that function properly at all times
  • be in environments that promote one’s communication as a full partner with other people, including peers
  • be spoken to with respect and courtesy
  • be spoken to directly and not be spoken for or talked about in the third person while present
  • have clear, meaningful, and culturally and linguistically appropriate communications

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