Home Run Hitters International, Inc.
Attn: Correspondence Coordinator
PO Box 682861
Houston, TX 77268
Toll Free 855-364-5898

Process of Ordering Services from Home Run Hitter International Inc.
Contact is made with our office via email or phone indicating an interest.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 855-364-5898 ext1 or ext2
A form is sent from the Home Run Hitter International office to the interested party. The interested Entity will select desired program(s), along with preferred Start and End Dates with details of the setting and students (participants). The program costs vary based on number of participants and length of program. Costs for entities capable of financing the programs will be presented once the above-mentioned variables are considered and related costs calculated. Standard Costs for In Person Programs with 8-10 participants would range from $20 to $25 an hour. (Virtual would be $15 to $20 an hour)
(Note: There is never any cost to parents for programs. In addition, if there is an entity that desires the programs to be run on its site, but funding for the programs has not been calculated in the budget, Home Run Hitters International will work with that entity to make it happen. We do not want lack of funds to prevent children from experiencing the programs we have to offer)