The Home Run Hitters Club is designed to recognize and encourage the abilities of our players within the context of a baseball theme. Our Club meets for approximately six months each year (October – March). Club participants are paired with a volunteer coach to form a two-person ‘baseball’ team. Each team plays a minimum of nine games per season. Each game is two minutes in length and must be played on separate days. Teams can play more than nine games if the schedules of the coach and the player allows.

Home Run Hitter baseball is a one of a kind game that recognizes and acknowledges the efforts (facial expressions, movements of the eyes or body, and vocalizations) of individuals with limited communication skills and opportunities (the players). As play starts, coaches observe their player naming each noticed movement, etc. while encouraging the player to do more. Things such as facial expressions, movements and vocalizations count in this game. Play continues until the two minutes end. Each team competes against other teams for the highest score and the most games played. A sports banquet, attended by proud parents, family, and friends, is held at the end of the season celebrating the accomplishments of every team. Players and their coaches win badges and prizes based on their efforts.

Every season also encompasses a variety of additional activities* such as a Pinning Ceremony, Coronation of a King and Queen, and Playoffs to name a few.

Coaching is done on a 1:1 basis. Time commitment is flexible. Games are designed to work in conjunction with the normal daily activities of both the players and the coaches. Rewards are priceless: The opportunity to touch someone’s life in ways you could never imagine !

*Special Events:

Pinning Ceremony-A prestigious ceremony that signals the start of a new season. Players are recognized for their accomplishments as earned badges, uniforms and equipment are distributed.

Sing-A-Rhyme-Along-A dramatic musical event presented to young audiences that showcase the skills of our players. Players use their skills to interact with the audience through dramatic presentations, rhymes and songs. The audience is introduced to the abilities of those with special needs and everyone has an opportunity to successfully interact with each other.

Coronation and Dance- Home Run Hitters and their coaches, who choose to run for election, solicit campaign support from others in their environment. They give campaign speeches and hand out flyers. Once the votes are tallied, the royal court is announced and the king and queen are crowned. Festivities include a royal ball complete with refreshments and dancing for all players, coaches, family and friends.

Play Offs- Our athletic players actually get out on the field and participate in a variety of games using their own abilities. Points are added to each teams season totals to determine our top teams.

Sports Banquet- This culminating activity marks the end of the season. Successes are jubilantly celebrated with family members, friends, and teammates as highlights of the season are reviewed and accomplishments are announced.