Community Service Cheer Captain


Our COMMUNITY SERVICE EVENT (Switch-a-thon) is a fast-paced opportunity for individuals with special needs to contribute to a designated charity in the community. Participants are paired with a cheer captain who encourages them as they use their independent abilities to “hit a switch” activating a variety of equipment within a specified time period. Hits turn into cash when our hard-working, fund-raising friends collect money from their sponsors based on how many times hits¬†were made. This is a one-time commitment event that takes place within an approximate two-week period.

Assist participants as they interact with five or more people in their environment (sponsors) to solicit pledges.
Cheer them on as they activate lights, bubbles, fans, music, etc. on the day of the event.
Assist them as they interact with their sponsors to collect their funds.
Attend the awards ceremony with your participant.

Complete and submit Cheer Captain application
Be available prior to the event to assist participant in soliciting pledges (only five contacts are required)
Be available on the day of the event for ten minutes
Be enthusiastic having a positive affect
Be willing to follow the special rules of competition
Dress in the Switch-A-Thon Shirt on day of competition and the day of awards

Be available to assist participant in collecting pledges
Be available to attend an awards ceremony

Time Requirements:
Five to ten minutes to assist participant in contacting individuals in their environment to request a pledge.
Ten to fifteen minutes on the day of the event to cheer on participant while they compete.
Five to ten minutes to collect pledges from those who committed within participant’s environment.
Twenty to thirty minutes for the award ceremony (Attendance is optional).