Community Service

Switch-a-thon, a community service charity event, allows students with limited interaction skills and opportunities to participant in and contribute to the community. Like other fund-raising events (Jump Rope for Heart, MS 150, and Race for the Cure) it fosters the development of altruistic awareness and involvement by providing opportunities for individuals to use their abilities for the benefit of others. Cheer captains assist participants in soliciting/collecting pledges (ex. $ 0.10 per hit) and cheer them on as they  set in motion lights, music, a back massager and various other exciting and interactive activities. Once collected all donations are given to a predetermined charity. The last several years a few of our participants became stars as they presented our contributions on TV.


  • One time limited commitment for volunteers
  • Provides a format for interaction within the existing community
  • Esteem- helps other to see individuals with disabilities as contributors rather than recipients
  • Pride – Family, care-providers, and friends
  • Fun, competitive environment
  • Allows anyone to use their abilities to benefit others
  • Allows participants to showcase their independent skills
  • Provides sensory information about the participant (i.e. which sensory channel is stimulating, calming, aversive, etc.)
  • Allows others to see the success of accessing… using primary and secondary sites