Letter From Founder

Welcome Friends and Fans !

I am Dr. Deborah Carr (PhD.), founder and executive director of Home Run Hitters International, Inc. I have had the pleasure of working 30 years as a speech language therapist and classroom teacher of those having profound disabilities and speech disorders. Throughout these years, the need for extra-curricular and social communicative opportunities for those with disabilities continued to exist. Home Run Hitters International, Inc. was created to include individuals with disabilities in meaningful extra-curricular activities that give them increased opportunities for interacting and communicating with non-disabled friends and family.

Our programs highlight movement, vocalizations, words, word approximations, phrases and sentences many times in the context of a special baseball game. Everyone has the opportunity to succeed, to compete, to make friends, to receive words of affirmation, praise and prizes. In short, it is an exciting way for all to have fun!!

As you move through our web site, you will see how our programs are designed to encourage fun interactions, independence, competition, completion of successive levels of play, and celebration of accomplishments.
Join in the fun! Consider joining our team!!

Batter Up!