Away Weekends

Home Run Hitters International Incorporated continues to achieve its mission through Away Weekends.


Our team consulted with parents.  We asked them what they would like to see Home Run Hitters International do for them and their children.   They responded by saying ‘It would be great to have a couple of weekends free.  How exciting to have weekends to do what needs to be done or to do nothing at all, knowing that our children with special needs would be safe, well taken care of and also engaged in activities that would be meaningful to them.’

From this request, we began work to institute our Home Run Hitter Away Weekends.  Work included finding a place, securing personnel, and finalizing dates and times.

We were given donated space in a local, premier hotel where we set up our multi sensory vacationing area.  We rented a room in the hotel for personal care and feeding needs.  Parents dropped their children off at 8am and picked them up at 8pm.  During the 12 hours, our special friends enjoyed an enriched day.  They explored sites and attractions in the city.  They were given opportunities for personal control throughout the day as they affirmed or negated suggested activities or items from staff and volunteers.  How exciting to see the interactions as the volunteers and staff engaged our special friends.

Through these special weekends we were able to provide increased opportunities for fun, successful interactions.  During these special weekends, our special friends demonstrated use of higher level interaction and communication skills than had ever been noted or reported before.  Our mission was accomplished and even more.

Volunteers are needed as Weekend Friends.  See Camp M.I. Way Counselors for general requirements, then fill out Away Weekend Application under Forms section and submit.

Note: Online submissions begin the application process but signatures of the volunteer and parent are needed to complete it.