General Information

Home Run Hitters International, Inc. (HRH) is a nonprofit tax exempt organization. We are dedicated to the recognition, facilitation and celebration of the abilities of individuals with limited communication skills and social interaction opportunities. Our program is completely portable and can be brought to any location (schools, residential facilities, day programs, churches, synagogues, community groups, Scout troops, etc.). Throughout all aspects of our activities, individuals are esteemed and celebrated while being given opportunities to interact with their surroundings, people in their environment and various volunteers. HRHI is comprised of four programs: a club, a camp, a community involvement event* and interactive respite weekends. Each offers unique experiences within stimulating and supportive environments. Programs are designed with special regard for the daily routines and schedules that our participants require and have been successfully implemented in a variety of locations**. Our programs have flourished as local, state and private “for profit” and “non- profit” businesses and organizations have partnered with us to support our activities.

* Please see the drop-down menu under the ‘Organization Tab’ for more information about each of the components.

** Most recent sites include: Lee High School, Hogg Middle School, Smartie Pants Academy, The Caroline School, and T.H.Rogers School.