Camp Counselor


Camp M.I. Way holds all of the charm, fun and memorable moments of any traditional camp experience. Campers and counselors alike laugh, play and build friendships as they share stories during tent time, explore a dark ‘cave’, splash at the ‘waterfall, paint, ‘hike’, put on plays, make snow cones and hang-out in the game room. All campers have their own personal counselor who responds to and facilitate the campers’ participation in the variety of activity options.

Greet and interact with your camper
Move with camper throughout camp at designated times
Respond to interests of campers through acknowledgment and participation
Talk to camper and assist camper in accessing various activities
Set up the equipment for your camper
Set up and clean up assigned areas of camp each day
Take notes about camper’s activities and preferences
Support and encourage campers and fellow counselors

The most important requirements are: ATTITUDE, ATTITUDE, ATTITUDE. All counselors are expected to display an energetic, upbeat, cooperative and positive attitude while at camp. Counselors must demonstrate the maturity level needed to delay personal interests and put the needs and interests of the camper first. This is a G-rated, 50’s style camp. Counselors are asked to leave all electronic equipment such as Game Boys, iPods, tablets, etc. at home. Cell phones may be stored in a secure storage bin. Parents/family members can call the camp directors if a counselor must be contacted during the day.

You must also:
Complete a Camp MI Way Application* (See Forms Tab)
Pass Reference check
Be available for three-day orientation training (New and former counselors)
Be available a minimum of  4 days in any of the three weeks of camp**
Must be entering the sixth grade or higher
Apply with other requirements as noted on the application

* Note: references will be called ** Fridays are currently optional but encouraged as camper preparation and team building days.

Time Commitment- All counselors (new and former) must attend a three (3) day orientation and training session. Counselors are asked to commit to a minimum of four days (Mon – Thur) in one of our three weeks of camp. A camp day is from 8:00 am until 2:45 pm. (Please note: Time commitments for newly established camps may vary.)