Current Operating Funds Fundraising Campaign

Fundraising Goal: $450,000.00
Amount Raised to Date: $179,892.07

As of Jan 31, 2021 the total raised toward our two year goal is $179,892.07…We thank friends who chose to support us in the middle of the Pandemic.

OUR NEW CAMPAIGN HAS BEGUN! The goal is to raise $450,000.00 over the next two years. This would not only fund our programming for another two years but also include the salary for an Executive Director as well.We are asking Friends and Fans of Home Run Hitters to join the team and help meet the goal of $450,000.00 over two years. We are extending the campaign through 2021 due to the challenges of the 2020 Pandemic.

2018-2019 marks our 10th Anniversary as a Non-Profit! Great things have happened and with the help of our past and present friends, fans, volunteers, staff members, administrators, and parents we are sure to meet the goal! We ask that you JOIN OUR TEAM! STEP TO THE PLATE AND GO TO BAT FOR OUR HOME RUN HITTERS GIRLS AND GUYS!


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