Camp M.I. Way (Note: “M.I.”, pronounced-“my”, has a double meaning. While it does indicate that the campers have multiple issues/impairments, it also refers to the freedom they have to interact with their counselors and the exciting camp environment in ways that are uniquely theirs.) is an indoor camp that focuses on interactions between campers (those with interactive challenges) and their personal camp counselors. Together, campers and counselors enjoy sports, singing, art, puppet shows, dancing, cheering, drama and splashing at the ‘waterfall’. Campers are allowed to interact through exploration of no tech (pictures, eye gaze, symbols, etc), low-tech (switches, VOCAs etc.) and high-tech (scanning devices, computers, etc.) supports. Camp fosters friendships between the counselors and their campers. Campers and their families will reminisce for years to come as they look at their memory books and special letters from their counselors.

Camp is about fun, friends and the freedom (i.e. independence) to do it “M.I.” Way.

Note: Camp M.I. Way is a portable camp and includes a tent, ‘cave’, ‘waterfall’, ‘campfire’ and many trees.